Valentine’s Day contest and more!

Happy February to everyone! This is the month of Valentine’s Day which is my all-time favorite holiday ever. Not surprising, I guess, being a romance author. I have some special contests going on for Valentine’s Day, and you’ll have a chance to win signed books, ebooks, audiobooks and even an amazon gift card. Some of my sexy heroes will also be sending you their Valentines and having their personal contests via facebook.

To have a chance to win a $20 amazon gift card, an autographed paperback, as well as an audiobook of Matchmade Hearts, and a personalized Valentine’s Day card from me, be sure to enter my Valentine’s Day contest on my website. (Look for the rafflecopter at the end of the website post to enter.)

If you’re on facebook, I will be having some special Valentine’s Day giveaways there as well. Some of my heroes want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and they’ll be giving away copies of the books that feature them, in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. Each day from now through Valentine’s Day, a different hero will post his Valentine’s Day wish to you along with the contest. Each contest will remain open through Valentine’s Day, so be sure to scroll through to find all the Valentine’s Day cards on my facebook page! Good luck. Here is a sneak peek at the first Valentine’s Day card that happens to be from my hero James Taylor from my Bad Boys of Sweetwater, Tarnished Saints Series. You’ll have the chance to win a signed paperback of Wrangling James!

I’ve been super busy lately writing the last book of my Highland Chronicles Series, Highland Spy, which will feature my favorite hero of the series, Caleb MacKeefe and his pesky little pine marten. And we’ll finally see him catch the eye of Bridget, the chronicler’s daughter. Watch for it to be on preorder soon. Meanwhile, Highland Steel, Book 3 is getting ready to release on the 19th – only two weeks away. Logan MacKeefe never expects to find an Englishwoman approach him as he’s bathing in the lake. But Lady Rhoswen needs his help. She needs an escort to the Highlands. Too bad where she wants to go is to his enemy’s territory! You won’t want to miss this one. So far it is my favorite book of the series. If you haven’t yet preordered your copy, do so now while the price is still $2.99. The price will go up shortly after release. Check out the whole series of my rugged Highlanders, all sons of the MacKeefes -some of my most memorable Highland heroes from past books.


Well, since it’s winter, I thought it only right to discount Winter’s Flame, Book 4 of my Seasons of Fortitude Series. My heroine, Lady Winter is skilled at creating weapons in the forge. Things heat up when border lord Sir Martin de Grey commissions a sword to be made, thinking she is naught but the blacksmith’s daughter. From Feb. 6th thru the 12th you can pick up a copy of Winter’s Flame on Kindle Countdown (US and UK only) for 99c. Afterwards, be sure to get the audiobook at the discounted price of $7.49 as well. (Kindle Unlimited members read the entire series free!) This book was so much fun to write and I learned so much about what goes into making a sword and how it was done in medieval times. I hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who might be new to my books, or those who haven’t read them all yet, I’ve put together a series starter collection that features some of my first books of different series. Crowns, Swords and Shields has 3 prequel novellas and 4 full-length books from four different series to introduce you to some of my works. It’s only $5.99 or free to read in Kindle Unlimited. If you were to buy these books separately, it would cost $18.93, so this is a savings of almost thirteen dollars!












So for now, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Be sure to enter my contest thru the Rafflecopter below, and to check back each day on my facebook page to see which of my sexy heroes are sending you Valentines and offering you the chance to win their books.

Elizabeth Rose

Congrats to Joanna, contest winner and the 12 runners-up who won audiobooks of their choice!

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58 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day contest and more!

  1. I haven’t read any yet, but I do have several of your books on my wish lists on Amazon and TBR list on GR! Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

    • Cindi be sure to sign up for both my newsletter and blog at the top right of my website home page. I often give away free books and this way you’ll have one to read. 🙂

  2. I love all your books but my most favorite Series is The Highland Chronicles because it was the first series I read of yours and ever since then I have been in love! Thank you for writing such amazing books

    • Thanks Tiffany. Do be sure to read the books of the heroes’ fathers from the Highland Chronicles too. Those would be Lady Renegade – Legacy of the Blade Series, and Onyx, Aidan and Ian from my Madman MacKeefe Series. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the chance! I loved Highland Spirit and can’t wait to read more of your novels ❤️

    • Thanks Noel. It sounds like you are new to my books. I have 88 books out so you have a lot to catch up on. Be sure to sign up for both my newsletter and blog at the top right corner of my website home page. That way you’ll be sure to hear about new books, sales, contests and free books as well.

  4. My favorite series of yours had to be Legendary Bastards of the Crown asks Ruthless Knight is my favorite of the series. Thank you for the amazing chance!

    • Thanks Maria, that is one of my favorite series too. Rook living in the catacombs was so fun to write!

  5. I love all your books, but my favorite series is Legacy of the Blade. Thank you for the chance.

    • Thanks Julie! The Legacy of the Blade Series was the first series I ever wrote. Lord of the Blade was my first romance. So glad you enjoyed them.

  6. Highland Chronicles Series
    Because who wouldn’t mind a few hours being with a Scotsman!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thanks Kelly. The Seasons of Fortitude came about because of my secrets garden. Then I wrote the series from my hammock in my secret garden too.

  7. I have two most favorite books of yours that I have read. First one is The Baron’s Bounty. I adored Isobel and I can certainly identify with her love of shoes!

    My second favorite is Summer’s Reign. I loved the romance between Summer and Sir Warren. She deserved some happiness in her life after her first marriage. And Sir Warren, wow, what a secret. Adorable.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    • Thanks Diana! I can see you like the mystery elements in the novels as well. Those two were both murder mystery romances. 🙂

  8. Good Morning Elizabeth! Thank you so much for the contest. You know I love your stories and it is hard to pick a favorite!!! Happy Valentines!

  9. i cant chose I love them all that I have read so far you are talented and love your writing

  10. Hi Elizabeth, what a wonderful giveaway!! I’ve enjoyed every one of your books that I’ve read so far but I must say my very favourite is the Highland Chronicles series. I love anything to do with the Highlands and the medieval era has always been my favourite genre. Thank you for the chance:)

  11. I read “A Viking’s Promise” from a collection called “Romantic Legends,” and I want to read more. I have several of your books on my Kindle, and I need to start tackling them, one series at a time. I don’t have a favorite yet, but I look forward to reading.

  12. Thanks for opportunity to win this giveaway. Although you’re new to me I like reading Scottish books so I don’t have a favorite book yet… I must say all your books look good and I really like the looks of Sottish Rose so I’m picking that book as my favorite. Why? Well I liked the book cover and excerpt/blurb better than the others and the book cover just calls to me Read, Read Me.
    The covers and excerpts/blurbs sound good too.
    Hope I Win.

  13. Loving Highlanders as I do it’s The Highland Chronicles. But I’ll be reading more. Thank you so much for this opportunity Elizabeth.

  14. Hi Elizabeth,

    My favourite series is The Highland Chronicles. Love all your books. Thank you for this fabulous chance. Happy reading and writing, and Happy Valentine’s Day! xxx ??

  15. I have not read any of your books, but I would love to because they sound so good and the covers are Beautiful.

  16. I love the Highland Chronicles because I love the locale and the settings. Makes me wish I was there.

  17. One of my favorite books of yours is the Snow Queen, it was quite funny the way she became aroused.

  18. I found you!
    I don’t have a favorite of your Scotsmen. I love them all. You make me really wish for my own Scot.

  19. I really hate picking a favorite especially when I feel like I haven’t read enough of them to really decide. For now I would probably go with Legendary Bastards. The Cowboys series is really catching my eye and will most likely be next.

  20. My favorite is the Seasons of Fortitude Series I love the Strong women. Thanks for the chance!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  21. Even though I enjoy many of your books, the Elemental series is my favorite because I love paranormal stories.

  22. I love everything I have read of yours so far so this is a hard one but I’m going so say one of my most favorite Series is Legendary Bastards of the Crown asks Ruthless Knight is my favorite of the series. Thank you for the amazing chance!

  23. I love everything I have read of yours so far so this is a hard one but I’m going so say one of my most favorite Series is Legendary Bastards of the Crown asks Ruthless Knight is my favorite of the series. Thank you for the amazing chance!

  24. Haven’t read any of your books yet but would love too love the covers of your books! Thanks or the chance!

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