New Release – Ian – Book 3, MadMan MacKeefe Series

Ian300The last book in my Scottish romance MadMan MacKeefe Series, Ian – Book 3 is now available.

Please stop by my website to read an excerpt. Or buy it now by clicking the following tabs for these sites.  It is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and soon on Barnes and Noble and Apple.

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Elizabeth Rose

NEW: Aidan – Book 2, MadMan MacKeefe Series

aidancover300Aidan – Book 2 of my MadMan MacKeefe Series is now available from Amazon, Smashwords and soon at Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc.

Aidan MacKeefe is guardian of the true Stone of Destiny and uses it as his pillow. He dreams of a Scottish angel who then appears in his life – Effie MacDuff.

But Effie is not interested in keeping Scotland’s biggest secret. She needs to help the English steal the coronation stone in order to free her captive sister.

One is willing to die for his country, the other is willing to betray hers. But are either of them willing to change their destiny once they realize they’ve fallen in love?

Buy now for only $3.99 by clicking the icons. Or read an excerpt on my website.

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