Pre-Summer Book Specials/ New Release

Bladeprefinal300Hi everyone! We’re finally having nice weather in the Chicago area, and I know a lot of you are loading up your kindles with ebooks to read over the summer and on vacation.

So be sure to add my NEW release, The Legacy of the Blade Series Prequel, now available and also FREE. Just click the highlighted title or the book cover to get your free copy.

In preparation for your summer reading, I am also offering both The Shiek and the Siren – Book 4, from my Elemental Series, and The Thief of Olympus from my Greek Myth Series, for 99 cents each for a limited time only.


And if you haven’t had the chance to read any of my Tarnished Saints Series yet, you may want to get caught up because Book 4, Seducing Zeb will be released soon.



Here’s wishing each of you a wonderful summer, and happy reading!

Elizabeth Rose -☀

New Release – Ian – Book 3, MadMan MacKeefe Series

Ian300The last book in my Scottish romance MadMan MacKeefe Series, Ian – Book 3 is now available.

Please stop by my website to read an excerpt. Or buy it now by clicking the following tabs for these sites.  It is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and soon on Barnes and Noble and Apple.

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Elizabeth Rose

NEW book trailer video for Daughters of the Dagger

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I have finished my book trailer for my Daughters of the Dagger series and am excited to share it with you. Click the following series title to watch it.

Daughters of the Dagger 

daggerpreqdone300Also, don’t forget, the Prequel book for the series is FREE! Click the icons to pick up your copy today.


Be sure to stop by my website to see my Book Trailer Video page. Eventually, I will have one for each of my books.

The third and final book in my MadMan MacKeefe series, Ian, will be released sometime in the next few months, so please keep watch. I will post the new cover soon. And if you’ve missed the announcement about my new book, Aidan – Book 2 in the series, you can now read an excerpt on my website.

Thanks so much, Elizabeth Rose

NEW: Aidan – Book 2, MadMan MacKeefe Series

aidancover300Aidan – Book 2 of my MadMan MacKeefe Series is now available from Amazon, Smashwords and soon at Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc.

Aidan MacKeefe is guardian of the true Stone of Destiny and uses it as his pillow. He dreams of a Scottish angel who then appears in his life – Effie MacDuff.

But Effie is not interested in keeping Scotland’s biggest secret. She needs to help the English steal the coronation stone in order to free her captive sister.

One is willing to die for his country, the other is willing to betray hers. But are either of them willing to change their destiny once they realize they’ve fallen in love?

Buy now for only $3.99 by clicking the icons. Or read an excerpt on my website.

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New Release – Amethyst, Book 4 (Daughters of the Dagger)

amethyst500Please help me celebrate the release of my 25th ebook, Amethyst, the fourth and final book in the Daughters of the Dagger Series.

Amethyst has been sent by the archbishop to be assistant to her uncle, the master mason, who is building a castle for the border lord Marcus Montclair. But Marcus doesn’t like the idea of a woman in such a position of authority. Two head-strong people battle the Scots as well as battle their own inner feelings in Amethyst – Book 4.

And watch for the story of the girls’ brother, Onyx who they thought was dead, in my Scottish trilogy, the Madman MacKeefe Series, coming this December!

Click the tabs in the black bar at the top of the webpage to read an excerpt of Amethyst, or the tabs below to buy it now for $3.99.

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FREE Daughters of the Dagger Prequel

daggerpreqdone300My prequel for my Daughters of the Dagger series is now free on Amazon. You can also find it free on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and all other places.

Click the links below to get your free copy. Also, click the links at the top of the page to read about the other books in the series.

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I also wanted to show you the sneak peak of the cover of Amber, Book 3, of Daughters of the Dagger Series, coming in September, 2013. And watch for Amethyst, Book 4 to follow in October, 2013.


New Medieval series, upcoming – sneak peek

I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the covers of my upcoming novels, Daughters of the Dagger – Prequel, and Ruby – Book 1. The prequel will be a free short story and both will be available sometime in the next few weeks, so watch for them. The other books in the series are Sapphire – Book 2, Amber – Book 3, and Amethyst – Book 4.







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Click the links at the bottom to see my author pages and purchase this series at amazon or smashwords.

Elizabeth Rose












My Elemental Series is being featured on Medieval Mondays at, so be sure to check it out, as well as the other medieval romances by a lot of great authors.


Click the links above to see my author pages and purchase this series at amazon or smashwords.


Elizabeth Rose