Free Book – My Christmas Soldier

xmas500(Note: This book is no longer free, but you can still buy a copy for only 99 cents.)

Hi everyone, and I hope you are enjoying the new year so far. Winter is a great time to sit back, keep warm, relax, and read. And while it is no longer Christmas, we can have that Christmas spirit in our hearts all year long. In celebration of winter, I am offering my short story, My Christmas Soldier for FREE for the next five days. Just click the following icon to get your copy from Amazon today. amazonkindle

And watch for the Aidan – Book 2 in my Scottish Madman MacKeefe series to be released by the end of the month. I am including a sneak peek at the cover for you. Enjoy! Elizabeth Rose



Free book – My Christmas Soldier


PLEASE NOTICE, THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER FREE, AS THE PROMO HAS ENDED. But you can still get it for only $.99 cents by clicking the link below.

For the next five days, Sunday, Oct. 6th – Thursday, Oct. 10th,  my short story, My Christmas Soldier is free.

Lana Davis despises Christmas, until a woman in the nursing home gives her a snowglobe and tells her not to shake it unless she wants magic to happen. And when she shakes it and the nutcracker soldier inside comes to life, she sees Christmas in a whole new way.

Just click the link below, or the tab at the top of the page, to get your copy FREE $.99 today!

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