Zeb’s Bachelor Bruschetta

Zebbrush2300bruchetta2300Elizabeth: Bruschetta is a great appetizer to take to a party and I know I just can’t get enough of it. Zeb from Seducing Zeb – Book 4 of my Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series, got in the habit of not only eating this but making it for himself. Matter of fact, he has two different ways to make it. Zeb, can you tell us how your love for bruschetta all started?

Zeb: Elizabeth, I have to tell you that being one of twelve siblings, all boys, there were a lot of hands frantically grabbing food at the dinner table – every time my preacher father turned his back. But we were always hungry and had to fend for ourselves.

Then, when I started going to law school and was on my own, I wanted to go out to eat in restaurants but could only afford the appetizers, so I came to love bruschetta. I figured it was easy enough to make, so started making it myself. Here’s two super easy recipes. Oh, and I want everyone to know that I stripped on the weekends to put myself through law school, and though Elizabeth wasn’t sure about using this photo, I told her I was proud of it and made her use it. (Even if she did sneakily try to cover me up.)

Zeb’s Bachelor Bruschetta: (Lazy Man’s Version)

Start out with a loaf of that long vienna bread and cut it into pieces. Now, you could toast it, but I prefer it just as it is. Mince some fresh garlic and spread it on the bread.

Next, slice up tomatoes and lay them on top. If you have fresh ones from your garden, it makes the tastiest bruschetta.

Then take some fresh mozzarella cheese and slice that up and put it over the tomatoes.

Sprinkle some balsamic vinaigrette dressing straight from the bottle (lazy man’s way) over the cheese and top off with a fresh leaf of basil.

Zeb’s Bachelor Bruschetta

Version 2

Loaf of Ciabatta Bread – Have the store slice it. Drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the slices and spread a little Minced Garlic on top. Put them in the toaster oven just to brown them so they’ll have a crunch factor.

4 Medium Tomatoes – chopped

2 – 3 Cloves of Garlic – minced. (You can never have enough garlic in this dish.)

Salt & Pepper – To taste.

6 Black Olives – chopped.

Fresh Basil and Parsley – A handful of each. I use scissors to cut it up in small pieces.

1 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 1/2 tbs Balsamic Vinegar

Mix all this up in a bowl and if you let it sit in the fridge for awhile it absorbs the flavors.

8 oz Fresh Mozzarella – sliced.

Now take your toasted bread, lay a slice of fresh mozzarella atop, then spoon some of your tomato mixture atop that. You can sprinkle with a little more balsamic right before eating if you think you need it. Serves 6 or more. It all depends on how much you like bruschetta, how many it will feed. (Smile)

Looking forward to eating more bruschetta Zeb 

Read all about Cat and Zeb in Seducing Zeb.


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