James’ Philly Steak Sandwich

Elizabeth: James in Wrangling James, from Book 6 of my Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series cooked up a meal for Mindy, but it wasn’t really what he’d planned. When his brother, Levi, left food in the fridge for him it was far from romantic, but James whipped up a Philly Steak Sandwich with it. James, please tell us how to make it.

James: Sure, Elizabeth. When I lived out on my Texas ranch, I liked to eat meat and potatoes, none of this vegetarian stuff my brothers’ wives seem to like. Anyway, here is the recipe for one big, bad-ass meat sandwich.

James’s Philly Steak Sandwich:

1 1/2 lbs chipped/thinly sliced steak meant for sandwiches

1 onion, sliced

1 red poblano pepper sliced thin

Cook together in a little olive oil or you can use water, til veggies are soft and meat is brown. Cover with a lid.

Squeeze of lime – add to the meat.

1 long loaf of French bread or some kind of Hoagie rolls cut into sandwich size portions.

1 big handful (or more to taste) of shredded Italian 5-cheese blend. Either shut off stove and melt over top of meat mixture, or put on sandwich and nuke in microwave to melt.

Dressing: 3 tbs mayo, one or two cloves of minced garlic, 3 big basil leaves chopped and a little black pepper.

Use the dressing to coat the bread, pile the meat and cheese mixture on top, and use leftover juice from pan for a little more flavor.

Serve and eat! Simple and fast.

Saddle up for a man-sized sandwich – James  ♘♞

Read about James and Mindy in Wrangling James.

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