Thief of Olympus – Book 3

Lysandra is an Amazon warrior, next in line to be queen. At her coming of age ceremony, her mother chooses King Zarek to sire her baby. Now she hopes for the stronger of the genders – a daughter.

King Zarek of Thrace is better known for his past profession – the most infamous thief of all Greece. He needs a son and heir but not a wife, and feels Lysandra will serve him fine.

But when the baby is born and taken by Artemis, they must steal items from the gods in order to secure the baby’s life. One contestant will win. One kingdom will die. Unless the Thief of Olympus can steal back from the gods the most precious gift of all.



Also available in paperback.

Excerpt from Thief of Olympus:

Lysandra pulled the bowstring back, searching the dark skies for the sound of the fluttering wings she’d heard. She waited, but saw nothing. Then with the snap of a tree branch from behind her, she twirled around to defend herself. She released the arrow, but it did not go far.

King Zarek appeared in front of her, stopping it in flight with his mighty fist. With one hand only, he broke the arrow in half and dropped it at her feet. His presence surprised her, but at the same time pleased her. And when his eyes met hers, she felt a warmth in the pit of her stomach.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded to know. “Have you come to bed me again?” Her own words excited her, and she couldn’t help but remember the feelings inside her that came to life the night they’d conceived their child.

“I think once is enough, Princess. After all, when I couple with a woman, I don’t like to compete to be the aggressor.”

His words darkened her disposition, reminding her of the worthlessness of men.

“Then why did you come back? No one summoned you. You have no right to be on Amazon lands.”

“I intend to leave as soon as I collect my belongings.”

For a second, Lysandra wondered if he’d meant her, but shook the ridiculous notion from her head. Even if he had come back for her, she couldn’t go with him. This was her home. These were her people. And she had no need of a man in her life. His eyes glanced toward the ground, and Lysandra suddenly felt very foolish. He hadn’t come for her at all. There was only one reason he’d risk his life to come back to Amazon territory. ’Twas the same reason he’d come the first time.

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