I am happy to announce that I have a NEW medieval series releasing from Oliver Heber Books in March, 2023. It is called Below the Salt.

In medieval times, nobles sat atop a dais to eat their meals, and everyone else sat below them. Salt was expensive and the nobles usually had a salt cellar on the table for them to use. The commoners, below the salt, were not allowed to use it. This was a way to remind the commoners of the status of the nobles.

Halloween candy corns on black wooden background

Nobles were usually betrothed to another noble at an early age to form an alliance. Everything was down for a purpose. Therefore, the daughters of nobles usually ended up marrying an enemy, or an old man, and never someone they really loved. Well, my series pushes the envelope, which I always like to do. My nobles are falling in love with someone from below the salt.

Book 1 releases in March and is entitled Picking up the Gauntlet. A lady who knows how to wield a sword and longs to be a knight falls in love with an armorer – a man who makes armor for a living. Lady Raven Blake is the daughter of Lord Corbett Blake from my Legacy of the Blade Series.

Book 2 is A Rose Among Thorns. Raven’s twin brother, Lord Rook falls in love with a woman who is hired to beautify his manor’s garden for his uppity betrothed who is soon to arrive.

Book 3 is Love Letters for Lady Lark. Lark is the daughter of my famous Highlander Storm MacKeefe who is first seen in the Legacy of the Blade Series too. She is a widow and hires a tutor for her daughter. Back then, only boys were really allowed to be schooled, so no one wants to do it. But a man who has been a scribe in a monastery comes to her aid, and then she starts receiving mysterious love letters from a secret admirerer.

Book 4 is Dancing on Air. The heroine is Lady Eleanor who is the daughter of Echo, my lady pirate from Legacy of the Blade Series. She takes care of orphaned children. My hero started out as a noble but when his father was condemned to death, his life was saved because he agreed to become the town’s hangman. This is an awful job and his family has lost title, wealth, lands, and everything. They are treated worse than lepers. And the worse part is that my hero is expected to take on the position of executioner once his father dies.

Book 5 is Winter Sage. Lord Robin Blake (son of Madoc ap Powell from Legacy of the Blade) stops to aid a woman being attacked and ends up badly injured. The heroine, Sage, is a healer, knowing how to use herbs wisely to bring about the healing Robin needs. Having saved each others’ lives, Robin realizes Sage still fears for her life and offers to take her to his home to protect her for those who are looking to kill her. Little does he know her siblings will have to come along with them.

Hope you enjoy it! I can’t wait to see the covers. Watch for the first preorder after the first of the year.