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I’m so excited to tell you that my new Pirate Lords Series is in the making. Tristan, Book 1 is now on preorder for only $2.99. The book will release on September 3rd.












Tristan, along with his brothers, Mardon and Aaron, have returned to piracy. But their sister, Gwen (from Pirate in the Mist) is determined to hunt them down and bring them home. In the meantime, Gavina, my heroine, is in the middle of a tough situation. With a treasure map inked on to her back and disguised as a boy, she ends up on their ship.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret now and this is something I LOVE in this series. Remember Nairnie, the old woman from the Seasons of Fortitude Series? Well, she is the grandmother of these three pirates and she is going to end up on their ship too!












This book is so much fun! Preorder your copy of Tristan today.












And since Tristan is first mentioned in Pirate of the Mist, I’m giving away a few audiobooks of that as well. Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.


Next Wednesday is National Hammock Day. (Did you even know there was such a thing?) Well, since I sit in my hammock in my secret garden to write, and Tristan has a hammock he sleeps in on the ship, I’m going to have a few fun surprises for you then.


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  1. The first book I read of yours was Highland Madness 10/2016, then I read Amber 01/2017. From there I got 5 books in a row, Onyx, Aidan, Ian, Ruby, Sapphire and Daughters of the Dagger Prequel. Read 01/2017. I love and have read all of the series and wait for the new ones to come out. I don’t know how I could say which one is my favorite, but the one I would consider is Wren where she was blind. Lady Renegade. How could anyone forget that one. I really enjoy your books and am still waiting for the completion of Wolf. I keep reminding you. I also love your Pirate books. So, I am patiently waiting for you Pirate series.

  2. Lady Renegade was the first book of yours that I read. From there I just kept reading. I don’t remember how I found your books. I think you had one on kindle countdown. I have read quite a few of your books and enjoyed all of them.

  3. I found out about your books from another author and was intrigued so I Signed up to receive your newsletter . I havent read any of your books yet but am excited to start reading .

  4. My first series/books that I read by you was the Madman MacKeefe Series, been reading your books ever since. Thank you!

  5. I think I found about your books from another author maybe Kathryn Le Veque but I honestly cannot remember. I am glad I did find you and your books. I have enjoyed every book and audiobook so far.

  6. The first book I read and listened to was Baron’s Quest in June 2016. I don’t remember how I found you, but I am glad I did. I have now read and/or listened to most of your books. I also read and enjoyed your dad’s books.

    • Peggy, you are so sweet! I will let my dad know. Thank you from both of us.

  7. I first heard of you from an author’s newsletter. The Legacy of the Blade was the first series I read. I enjoy both your historical and paranormal series.

  8. sorry , i have read so many of your books, and listen them , that i cant remember the first book, its been years now, but i love the book summer and the series of Legendary Bastards of the Crown, i also love Mistletoe and Chain Mail: Tarnished Saints’ Christmas(Christmas), Tarnished Saints Series, i can go on and on, i found you on face book, but i don’t know if it was another author page or just a search, but i am so glad that i found you , you are a great witter and have given me a lot of hours of adventure, thank you for sharing you talent with me

  9. I think I first heard of you at a Facebook party, but it’s been a long time, so I’m not sure.

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