New Release, Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame is finally here! Book 5 in my Second in Command Series, Orrick the sorcerer from my Legacy of the Blade Series finally gets his shot at a happily-ever-after! Immortality seemed to be a blessing, but Orrick finds out it is really a curse after all. As Keeper of the Eternal Flame, he is doomed to live forever while his loved ones continue to die. But when Lady Hope comes looking for the Eternal Flame, Orrick finds new hope in his life to fall in love again.

Pick up your copy for only $2.99. The price is going up soon, so hurry!










I also have a FREE book for you to celebrate Halloween. Mary, Mary, Book 1 of my Once Upon a Rhyme Series is FREE from Oct. 28th – Nov. 1st. You’ll want to pick up Muffet, Book 2 in the series as well as my other new release this month, Blue, Book 3.

Tonight, Oct. 28th is my Halloween facebook party to celebrate Keeper of the Flame, and you are all invited. I have guest authors Kathryn Le Veque, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Anna Markland, and Laurel O’Donnell stopping by with live videos, contests and more. I will be LIVE as well, and I am giving away LOTS of prizes. Click HERE to see what’s going on at the party already. Be sure to hit the GOING button if you might stop by tonight. I will be posting contests throughout the party for chances to win signed books, gourmet chocolate, Halloween goodies, audiobooks and more! The contests will remain open all night long so everyone gets a chance to enter.

I know some of you are not on facebook, so I am having a special contest on my website as well. You can win a signed copy of A Perfect Fit: Cinderella along with gourmet chocolate pumpkins (of course) and a pumpkin carriage pendant. I am also giving away a few copies of my audiobook, Seductive Secrets which was a RONE Award finalist this year as well as a finalist in the Raven Awards for book and best cover.

Just enter through the rafflecopter below.

Hope to see you all at my Halloween facebook party where we will have lots of treats! And Happy Halloween everyone!

Elizabeth Rose

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24 thoughts on “New Release, Keeper of the Flame

  1. My favorite series is The Tarnished Saints. Doubting Thomas hooked me on your books. I love all The Bad Boys Of Sweetwater.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to your Audiobook for Scottish Rose: Coira narrated by Brian J. Gill. Your short story, My Christmas Soldier, seems intriguing to me and I look forward to reading it next.

  3. I love Paranormal so I would choose the Familiar series. Especially the title “The Caretaker of Showman’s Hill” because he’s a vamp! 😀

  4. I am wanting the read your Working Man series. I have read some of your books and really enjoyed them.

  5. I like the MadMan MacKeefe Trilogy! I love these men and the woman that make them swoon. Thank you

  6. My favorite series was the Seasons of Fortitude. I read them first . I chose them because of the covers.

  7. I love your Working Man Series. Thanks for this amazingly generous giveaway. Happy Halloween.

  8. I’d most like to read your Tangled Tales series because I love an adult re-telling of the childhood fairy tales. If you haven’t seen the Red Riding Hood movie that came out several years ago, you must watch it!

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