New Release – Autumn’s Touch/Contest

Release day for Autumn’s Touch – Book 3 of my Seasons of Fortitude Series is finally here! This is my medieval version of Beauty and the Beast with a few twists thrown in. Lady Autumn is a healer, kidnapped by Lord Ravenscar and taken to his dreary castle to cure him of his illness. Once there, he decides he can never let her leave. Only 99 cents with this special limited-time offer. (KU reads free)

Don’t forget to pick up Highland Spring – Book 1, and Summer’s Reign – Book 2 of the series as well. Now you can also preorder Winter’s Flame – Book 4 of the series which will be released on Nov. 9th.

As part of this special celebration, I am having a contest where you have a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card, a signed copy of Ruthless Knight – Book 2 of my Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series, or any one of my audiobooks. Enter through the rafflecopter below. The winner of my last contest of a $10 amazon gift card is Lori Dykes.

Pirate in the Mist: Brody, is now available on preorder for only 99 cents. This is Book 1 of my Second in Command Series, featuring the secondary character, Brody from my Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. This book was first seen in the Mists and Moonrise Collection, but has been revised and extended with  a surprise epilogue as well. Release date is Oct. 5th.

I also have a free book for you from Sep 6-10. It is The Sheik and the Siren – Book 4 of my Elemental Series. An Elemental of the water and the son of a sheik are brought together on a dangerous quest. Will love conquer all their dark secrets of the past?


Please be sure to stop by my facebook party tonight to help me celebrate Autumn’s Touch. Join 8 bestselling authors who will be by guests. We’ll have games, giveaways, free books and lots of prizes. Click the following party photo to learn more.

And don’t forget to enter the contest through the rafflecopter on my site. Good luck!

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36 thoughts on “New Release – Autumn’s Touch/Contest

  1. I think I’ve probably given new authors a chance when they were in an anthology with an established, popular author that made me pick up the book.

  2. The blurb, ratings or friend’s recommendation. I always read the best and worst reviews to check if they have some merit: a reason for criticism or just ‘I hated this book’.

  3. I’ll try a new author with a free book or if they’re in an anthology with authors that I know.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway!
    A good cover and blurb, in a genre that interests me – lots of those! will entice me to pick up a book by a new author. I love meeting new authors so this is a boon.

  5. I love discovering new authors. Usually the book blurb is what encourages me to try them.

  6. An interesting book blurb, a good review from someone with tastes similar to mine, a recommendation from an author I like, knowing they’re going to make a movie/show about their books… lots of reasons.

  7. there are so many reasons to read elizabeth’s books. the gerne the place and time it was written in to name a few but the most important one is the pleasure i get from reading. i would reread her books until the pages fall out. i just love her writings

  8. I discovered your books recently and bought your books because of a book blurb. That is how I discover new authors.

  9. I would read a new author after reading the blurb of their book. I have found many great authors this way.

  10. I read a lo of books from Authors I haven’t from before. As long as the book sounds interesting to me I will read it. Thank you

  11. I’m always willing to try authors I haven’t read before – particularly if there is romance!

  12. i give new authors chance it the review by word of mouth, or sites or the covers catch my eye

  13. I get the best recommendations from my BFF – we have been sharing books for years! 😉

  14. For trying a new author, the book cover has to be eye-catching, the blurb has to be interesting, and I try reading a few first pages of the book to see if the book is interesting enough. Of course, I do try give new author when other authors support the new author.

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