Multi-Author Valentine’s Day Hop

Join in on the fun during this Valentine’s Day season as 15 of your favorite romance authors come together for a multi-author hop with prizes! The hop runs from Feb. 7- 14th. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the other author links or to enter my contest for a chance to win a $25 amazon gift card or copies of my audiobooksvalentinehopbanner700




Interview with John Montague – my hero from The Baron’s Destiny:

What is your strength?  I am willing to die for those I love                                              What is your weakness? I hate storms! I have a horrible recurring nightmare about it.       What would you get your heroine on Valentine’s Day?  I would get the most expensive jewelry I could find for Celestine so she would feel like the queen I see her as.     What would be your perfect date? I’m a baron of the Cinque Ports and love being on my ship, the Poseidon. We’d sail away for the day – just the two of us. With lots of wine!    What would you like to get on Valentine’s Day? Another castle. (Read the book to find out why.)

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Watch for the latest of the Tarnished Saints Series coming later this month, Loving John – Book 9. Twelve sons of a preacher – but they are far from saints. Matter of fact, these men are nothing but trouble! (Click the heart logo below to see the books.)










Enter my contest through the rafflecopter below and you will have a chance of winning a $25 amazon giftcard, or one of my new audiobooks!

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1. Laurel O’Donnell

2. Barbara Devlin

3. Sue-Ellen Welfonder

4. Lana Williams

5. Andrea R. Cooper

6. Cathleen Ross

7. Christy Carlyle

8. Amy Jarecki

9. Kathryn Le Veque

10. Elizabeth Rose

11. Ruth Kaufman

12. Lily Baldwin

13. Eliza Knight

14. Tarah Scott

15. Victoria Zak

51 thoughts on “Multi-Author Valentine’s Day Hop

  1. Thanks for the free books, & I couldn’t resist the mythology boxset…I tryed all of the different methods ..ebooks, audio, print. Love them all for different reasons… Happy(early) Valentines Day

    • LIz, thanks, and I hope you enjoy Legendary Lovers. I’m glad to see you like all formats – so do I.

  2. I’m not big on audiobooks but have only tried two thus far….may ultimately change my opinion.

  3. I like ebooks or actual books. I don’t care for audio because I have kids and its difficult to find time to listen to them. I’d rather just read them 🙂

  4. Reading will be popular one way or another! I don’t use audiobooks but I know people who do.

  5. Thanks for the books! I have tried all three, and find each has its own niche…. audiobooks when I am driving or cleaning, real physical books when I am home reading, and ebooks while waiting in lines or traveling.

    Mary M.

  6. Thank you so much for the free books! I have not tried audiobooks yet, but am definitely open to doing so. Of the other two, I love printed the best, but ebooks are great for being able to read anywhere, at any time.

  7. I read in paperback and ebooks mostly. Hardbacks aren’t as portable and I can’t get into audiobooks because no matter how talented the voice-over actor, I still feel like there should be more than one person “cast” in the roles, lol.

  8. I have tried and use all three: ebooks with my kindle, audiobooks, and, of course, my beloved print books. I tend to use ebooks more now, simply because of space. We don’t really have room for another bookshelf and they are overflowing as it is. audiobooks are great for long car rides or chores, but I don’t get to listen to them as often as I’d like.

  9. Lots of wonderful comments. It’s nice to hear everyone’s opinion on different forms of books. Thanks! ❤

  10. I cannot believe how very many books you’ve written. I find that both amazing and fascinating. I love reading paranormal, fantasy, mystery, and various other genres, so you have many books I’d love to read. I enjoy audiobooks, as well as print books (I’m a collector), and ebooks. I suppose if it’s written, I’ll read it. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  11. I’ve tried all forms and I really like print and ebooks. I’ve only tried audio a couple of times so I haven’t really decided about that form. I didn’t think that I would like ebooks but I really do because I read on my Kindle as I use my treadmill so I walk longer and also, when I’m tired I can increase the font size and continue reading. Now I just realized that I could try an audio book as I walk… And, I love print–just to hold it, admire the cover, read the back and savor the moment and then dive in! Your books sound terrific and thank you for the free books and for the contest!

  12. I have tried paperback books and ebooks, though I love paperback the most. I might consider audiobooks though I have on occasion listen to a book on CD. I prefer the tangible, something that I can hold in my hands as opposed to the intangible, though I can see the pros and cons of both formats.

  13. I’ve tried all three. I love audio books the most. To read a book or ebook you have to have time to just sit down and read. I don’t have a lot of extra time. While listening to an audio book, I can do laundry, cook dinner, wash dishes or any of the other million things I have to do. I’m so thankful for audio books.

  14. I have tried paperbacks, e-books, and hardbacks and like them in the order I listed them. Portability is important. I gave audio books a shot, but I get distracted while listening.

  15. I have read ebooks and paperbacks but I am hesitant to listen to audiobooks. I think I will try it for example when I am on the road for a long period of time

    Betul E

  16. Call me old school but I just love a paper back or hard cover book, but I have read books on my tablet also.

  17. I have tried them all. For years I was all about the paperback/hardcover book, and in ways I still am, but when I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday that all changed. I love ebooks! Within the past few months, I’ve really gotten into audiobooks. I used to love to listen to storybooks on tape when I was a little kid, and I also listened to a few radio dramas when I was older. Listening to audiobooks is just as enjoyable for me. So I’m open to everything as long as the story is good. 🙂

  18. I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I prefer paperback or my kindle when I’m traveling.

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