Love At First Sight Valentine’s Day Author Hop


From Feb. 8- 14, you can join in on the Love At First Sight Valentine’s Day Author Hop. This hop features the First Books in a Series from 9 different romance authors. A lot of authors write more than one subgenre, and this will give you the chance to sample some of their other works you might not be familiar with.

There is also a wonderful prize of a Valentine’s Day gift basket loaded with goodies and personal gifts from all the authors. Visit each site to collect the lovers’ names, then return here to enter them into the rafflecopter at the end of this post.  (See the instruction scroll for more details.) Valentinescroll2400

There are other contests on the sites as well, so take a peek. My personal contest is also at the bottom of this post. My featured First Book of a Series is Doubting Thomas – Book 1 of my Tarnished Saints Series. Thomas is a troubled man accused of murdering his wife. He is a single father of 6 young boys, and Angel DeMitri is a social worker investigating him on an unofficial visit.

Be sure to pick up the FREE Tarnished Saints’ Christmas Prequel to get started with the series. Praising Pete – Book 7 is brand new! Also, be sure to get a FREE copy of – Legacy of the Blade Prequel & Daughters of the Dagger Prequel.

And as a special Valentine’s Day treat to you, I have dropped the prices of all my First Books of a Series to 99 cents throughout this hop only. The books with the special prices are: Doubting Thomas, The Dragon and the DreamWalker, The Outlaw, Kyros’ Secret, Onyx, Lord of the Blade and Ruby.













The first rafflecopter below is for the multi-author hop, and the second rafflecopter is my personal contest, so please enter them both. Click Here to see photos of the prizes. On special – for the week of the contest, my Legacy of the Blade Series will be priced at $2.99 each instead of $3.99. So take a chance on a new book today!

Here are the links to each of the authors’ sites: Don’t enter the names until you have them all, and put them in with commas between them. If you get locked out of the rafflecopter, just email me with any questions at [email protected] and I’ll make sure you get credit.

1) Elizabeth Rose             6) Eliza Knight

2) Kathryn Le Veque        7) Lana Williams

3) Suzan Tisdale               8) Elysa Hendricks

4) Laurel O’Donnell          9) Diane Burton

5) Anna Markland

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
See the sexy men of the Tarnished Saints Series for the rafflecopter survey by clicking Here.  Click Here to see more booktrailer videos. And happy Valentine’s Day! – Elizabeth Rose – ❤

60 thoughts on “Love At First Sight Valentine’s Day Author Hop

    • Brandi – the links to the sites are on my main page. Everyone might not have had them posted yet since you looked so early in the morning. It seems Suzan’s site is not linking, but I will look into it. Please come back and try again later today and everything should be fixed. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Suzan’s site is working accept for the link for Kathryn Le Veque, I just opened another tab and put in the web address. I had problems with the widget to list the names as I put the 1st one in for Suzan and then entered to add the rest and it said I had entered with only 1 listed. So when you list the names use a comma before you enter them

        • Thanks Darlene, for letting me know. I have you entered in the contest, so don’t worry. 🙂

  1. I suppose if I had to choose one, it would be Luring Levi. Look forward to reading the series. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Lori, thanks for stopping by. Praising Pete – Book 7 in the series is brand new and on sale for 99 cents til the end of the week.

    • Thanks for commenting! Judas may look dark and brooding, and he does have ghosts from the past, but the book is actually very humorous and one of my favorites!

    • Liz, thanks for stopping by. Praising Pete is brand new! And also only 99 cents thru the hop, so be sure to grab a copy before the price goes back up to $2.99.

    • Nicole, the Dragon and the DreamWalker was a fun cover to make. I love the dragon and the castle. It is on sale now for only 99 cents through the hop.

  2. Lots of variety. Interresting. Looking forward to read your books, Elizabeth. All the covers are interesting but I had to choose one. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Liette. I did all the covers myself. You can pick up a copy of both Doubting Thomas and Praising Pete for only 99 cents each during the hop, and of course the Tarnished Saints’ Prequel is FREE! 🙂

    • Connie, I agree – Zeb does look delicious. He is my rich ‘bad boy’. Check out the series.

  3. I would have to pick Teaching Philip, he has beautiful eyes that look into your soul!!!

    Thanks for your participation in the hop!!

    Judy Cox

    • Judy, thanks for stopping by. Philip’s story will be the next one to come out in the series. Get a free copy of the prequel to get you started. Thomas and Pete are also both on 99 cents during the hop.

    • Thanks Trish! When I wrote Judging Judas I went and hung out at the police station to do research. When I get to Andrew’s book, I’ll be hanging out at the fire station. Hopefully his book will be out by early summer.

    • Thanks Sebella for stopping by. Onyx has two different colored eyes thanks to my help with that. It is a big part of his story. He is also the brother of the Daughters of the Dagger girls. Make sure to get a FREE copy of the Daughters of the Dagger Prequel, as well as Onyx’s story for only 99 cents throughout the hop.

    • Thanks for commenting Ruth. You can get a copy of Doubting Thomas for only 99 cents now til Valentine’s Day.

    • Thanks for stopping by Denise. Be sure to pick up your free copy of Tarnished Saints’ Christmas Prequel.

    • Thanks Teresa, and if you’re the Teresa who left the nice review on amazon, thank you once again. Levi is such a fun character to write.

    • Thanks Mary. I like the goofy smirk on his face too. He brings a lot of humor to the series, especially in my latest book of the series, Praising Pete.

  4. Zeb gets my vote. There’s something hot about a man with black hair and blue eyes wearing a white shirt and black tie….must be he’s just getting out of that tux.

    • Gretchen, James is the cowboy out of the the 12 brothers and his twin brother is Zeb. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jean. Doubting Thomas is on sale now for 99 cents til the end of the hop. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the free Tarnished Saints’ Christmas Prequel.

  5. Saving Simon, it has water on the cover and I think I was a water creature in another life.
    I just love water, pool, lake, ocean, it does’t matter, anywhere I can get wet is wonderful. LOL

    • Earlene, I’m glad you chose Simon – I was hoping someone would since he is my favorite. I think you’d really enjoy this book as he is a sailor and I actually went on a sail boat and hung around the wharfs to research this – and believe I’m NOT a water person. However, I understand the love of water and this kind of life now after spending the summer ‘living the life’ so to say. Smile.

    • Both good choices. I try to have something for everyone between all the 12 brothers. 🙂

    • Yay! Glad someone chose Nate too. He’s my musician. Be sure to get a free copy of the Tarnished Saints’ Prequel, and remember, Doubting Thomas and Praising Pete are only 99 cents but this week only.

    • Thanks Seanna, it is a lot of fun! And don’t forget Doubting Thomas is on sale through Saturday for only 99 cents! 🙂

  6. I chose John, and left my comment on that page, but can’t find the purple balloon now to write it in.

    • Bonnie, I guess you’re right about the balloon. I just mentioned it because it’s confusing how to comment. Anyway, yes James is a handsome fellow and my cowboy. Good choice! 🙂

  7. I was drawn to Thomas Taylor. Usually it’s the men helping the women, this is the other way around. I am excited about reading this book. You are a new author to me. Thanks for the chance.

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