Free and discounted Greek Myth Romance!

Through June 1st, you can pick up a free copy of The Oracle of Delphi. This is one of my older books, a Greek Myth Fantasy. It is the romantic retelling of the myth of Perseus and Andromeda. Be prepared to see lots of Greek gods and goddeses, Medusa and even Pegasus! I love this series and hope you will too.












I am also offering Thief of Olympus on kindle countdown (US & UK) for 99c through June 3rd. An amazon warrior woman and the king of thieves are paired up against each other to steal from the gods the most precious gift of all.













Be sure to pick up the rest of the series as well. Kyros’ Secret is the story of a fallen goddess and a cursed prince who turns into a centaur each night.














In The Pandora Curse, the son of Hera must steal back in secret the vices of a warrior queen who is the great granddaughter of Pandora.

If you belong to kindle unlimited, you can read the entire four book series for free! Enjoy!

Elizabeth Rose