Playing Nate – Book 10

Tarnished Saints Series – Book 10

Nate Taylor is the owner of Nate’s Bar and Grill, but things aren’t looking so good. If he doesn’t get a hold of some money for repairs soon, he might lose his business.

Isabella Goldstone has moved to Sweet Water with her pregnant, widowed daughter. She comes from money and tho she owns the local flower shop, her passion has always been to own a small bar and grill and be able to sing for the customers.

Will a woman who is ten years younger than a man who is living her dream be able to find her passion – in more ways than one?



Excerpt from Playing Nate:

“Isabella Goldstone,” she said, reaching out her perfectly manicured fake nails to place her hand in Aunt Cappy’s. “Nice to meet you all.” She continued to shake Thad and Pete’s hands, and then looked over to Nate. Her hand froze in midair. She slowly removed her sunglasses, enabling Nate to see her black eyes that were so dark he could barely see her pupils. “You’re that boy with the really loud guitar, aren’t you?”

“I’m Nate, the owner of Nate’s Bar and Grill.” He quickly shook her hand to be polite, noticing the soft feel of her skin. He sincerely doubted she had ever done a day of manual labor in her life.

“You own this place?” Her eyebrows raised in question.

“That’s right,” he said proudly. “I’m the sole owner of this wonderful establishment.”

A big drip of water leaked from the ceiling just then, hitting him on the nose.

Isabella giggled, and she looked up to the ceiling and then around the rest of the room. “Yes, it’s a wonderful establishment,” she said snidely.

Nate brushed the water off his nose, wanting nothing more than for this woman to leave.

“Shall we go to lunch?” asked Cat, taking her coat from the back of a chair and slipping into it. “The Three Billy Goats Diner has a wonderful vegetable quiche and homemade creamy tomato soup on Mondays.”

“Oh good, since I’m a vegetarian,” said Isabella.

It figured, thought Nate. The woman was probably too prissy to eat anything that was dead.

The ceiling dripped again, and this time the water hit Nate in the forehead and trickled down his cheek. He saw Isabella’s eyes light up and she giggled softly. He stood his ground and didn’t even flinch.

She pulled a silk hanky from her purse, dabbed at the water on Nate’s face, and then handed the handkerchief to him. “Here you go, Sonny. I think you might need this in this wonderful, grand establishment.”

She turned to leave with Aunt Cappy and Cat following. Nate clenched the handkerchief between his fingers, wanting to rip it to shreds.

The door to the bar closed behind them and Thad and Pete burst out laughing.

“Sonny?” asked Thad, laughing even harder.

“I can’t stand that woman,” Nate said, looking down to the handkerchief that had her name embroidered on it in pink silky thread. He whipped it across the room and headed for the office to get his coat.