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Today, January 14th is the last day to get Highland Storm for FREE! Afterwards, please pick up the audiobooks at a steep discount on amazon. Click HERE

If you like Highlanders, be sure to preorder Highland Soul: Book 1 of my Highland Outcasts Series for only 99c. It releases on March 1st. Click HERE

Also, through the 16th, you can get The Bounty Hunter, one of the books of my Cowboys of the Old West Series on kindle countdown for only 99c.Click HERE

Elizabeth Rose

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. I am very excited to tell you that Highland Soul – Book 1 of my Highland Outcasts Series is now available for preorder for only 99c. Release date is March 1st!

Also, for your Christmas reading pleasure, I have put 2 books on kindle countdown through the 27th for 99c each.

CEO Scrooge is a fun take on A Christmas Carol, spending time on an island holiday. This is part of my Working Man Series.

Mistletoe and Chain Mail: Christmas is a fun take on the 12 Days of Christmas. You will find out lots of medieval holiday traditions and where and how they originated. Afterwards, be sure to pick up the audiobook at a discounted price for some extra holiday fun! This is Book 1 of my Holiday Knights Series.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all!

Elizabeth Rose

A free and 99c book for you

Good news! I have just finished Highland Silver – Book 4 of my Highland Outcasts Series that will debut from Dragonblade Publishing in March. I have been working like a madman, but the series is finally finished.

I have a sweet deal for you, through tomorrow, December 13th. Keeper of the Flame: Orrick is FREE! This is book 5 of my Second in Command Series, and is about Orrick, the old sorcerer you first saw in my Legacy of the Blade Series. He is immortal, and has stayed in his shapeshifting form of an old man for the last 100 years. Seeing those he loves die while he lives forever is too hard to bear. However, it is the price he pays for immortality, being the keeper of the eternal flame. Now, when the intriguing Lady Hope comes to his door looking for the eternal flame, Orrick shifts back into his young and handsome self . . . and falls in love once again even though it is something he swore he would never do again.

Pick up your free copy by clicking HERE. Afterwards, be sure to take advantage of the discounted audiobook on amazon.

I also have a book for 99c on special on kindle countdown through the 15th. It is Bistro Bachelor, book 2 of my contemporary Working Man Series. You will find some Peruvian culture in this story, inspired by the trip I took to the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu in Peru.

Click HERE to get your copy today. Both books are in kindle unlimited, so if you are a KU member, you can read them for free!

Watch for more specials coming up this holiday season.


New Audiobook/99c sales

Luring Levi is now available in audiobook form, narrated by the multi-talented Brian J. Gill. To celebrate, I am putting the ebook of Luring Levi on kindle countdown for only 99c through the 22nd. Afterwards, you can pick up the audio on amazon for less than half the original price. Click HERE! This is Book 2 of my Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series.

I just finished writing Highland Sky – Book 3 of my Highland Outcasts Series, releasing from Dragonblade Publishing this spring. In this series, you will find some of my most loved characters from other series making guests appearances. One of them is Rook, who is a triplet and one of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown.

If you are not familiar with this lord of darkness who lives in the crypts, pick up a copy of Ruthless Knight on kindle countdown for 99c through the 22nd, to get to know him. Click HERE!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate the holiday!

Right afterwards, I’ll be jumping into writing Highland Silver, the last book of up upcoming Highland Outcasts Series.

99c Specials!

Through Nov. 11th you can pick up two of my books on kindle countdown for only 99c each!

The first one is Scottish Rose: Coira, from my Second in Command Series.. Coira is a spin-off character of my book Aidan from my Madman MacKeefe Series. She finally gets her happily-ever-after. Click HERE to find out more.

The next is Just a Kiss: Frog Prince from my Tangled Tales. Based on the fairy tale of the Frog Prince, join the De Bar family who have been cursed by the old witch Hecuba. Lots of humor in this one! So hop to it, and get your copy before the price changes. Click HERE to get it.

I have been busy finishing up Highland Sky – Book 3 of my Highland Outcasts series that will debut with Dragonblade Publishing in spring! I am really excited about this series and think you are going to love it! Watch for it, coming soon.


Halloween Specials!

I have been busy writing my Highland Outcasts Series which will release from Dragonblade Publishing in March. In the meantime, I put one of my MacKeefe Highlanders, Highland Spy on kindle countdown through Nov.1st for only 99c! (Click on title above to buy) (Be sure to get the audiobook afterwards for less than half the regular price.)

I also have a great paranormal warlock/shapeshifter book on kindle countdown called Familiar. Only 99c through Nov. 1st. (Click on title to purchase.)

Happy Halloween everyone! – Elizabeth

FREE and 99c Books

Tristan – Book 1 of my Pirate Lords Series is FREE from Sept 28th – Oct 2nd. (Click on title to get your free copy)

Be sure to pick up the audiobook afterwards for a steep discount. You’ll also want to read about Tristan’s brothers, Mardon and Aaron.

In my Pirate Lords Series, the boys’ grandmother, Nairnie shows up and is a real hoot! If you’d like to read more about Nairnie, you can find her in some of my other series. Her backstory is told in Autumn’s Touch – Book 3 of my Seasons of Fortitude Series. Autumn’s Touch is on Kindle Countdown for 99c from Sept. 28th – Oct. 4th. (Click on titles to purchase)

Both Series are in Kindle Unlimited.

FREE and 99c books!

FREE thru the 3rd is Doubting Thomas, Book 1 of my Bad Boys of Sweetwater: Tarnished Saints Series. (Be sure to pick up the FREE prequel, Tarnished Saints’ Christmas too, as well as get a steep discount on the audiobooks of both of these afterwards.)

Luring Levi – Book 2, and Taming Thad – Book 12 are only 99c on kindle countdown for my Super Summer Special through the 5th.

KU members can read the entire series free!