New Release &12 Lords A Leapin’ Author Hop


I’d like to announce the release of my brand new book – Wrangling James – Book 6, of my Tarnished Saints Series. James Taylor is a cowboy who can’t say no, but Melinda MacAllister has a secret past that if revealed might just make James say the N word after all. Get a FREE copy of the Tarnished Saints’ Christmas Prequel to get you started with the series.

And on the medieval home front, Aidan MacKeefe is my featured hero for the 12 Lords A Leapin’ Author Hop. Aidan is guardian of the Stone of Destiny, until Effie MacDuff steals it from under him.

One man is willing to die for his country while one woman is willing to betray her country to save someone she loves in Aidan, Book 2 of the MadMan MacKeefe Series. (99 cents  from Nov. 17 – 23 only.)




Hop on over to all 12 authors’ sites by using the following links. Once you collect all 12 featured heroes’ names, come back to my site to enter all the names into the rafflecopter at the end of this post in order to qualify to win a signed book from each author, and/or a 12 month calendar with each month featuring one author and her books!














(Visit each of these sites to collect the featured hero names and enter them into the first rafflecopter below.)

1) Elizabeth Rose                        2) Laurel O’Donnell

3) Kathryn Le Veque                   4) Tanya Anne Crosby

5) Anna Markland                        6) Elysa Hendricks

7) Suzan Tisdale                          8) Amy Jarecki

9) Eliza Knight                            10) Denise Domning

11) Kris Kennedy                        12) Lana Williams


There is a second rafflecopter contest  below to win an ebook copy of Lord of Illusion – Book 3 of my Legacy of the Blade Series, or to win a mousepad featuring the MadMan MacKeefe Series, or a signed print copy of Amber – Book 3 of my Daughters of the Dagger Series and a pair of amber colored earrings. So be sure to enter! And be sure to  get your FREE copies of the Daughters of the Dagger Prequel & Legacy of the Blade Prequel.

And if you buy Aidan – Book 2 of my MadMan MacKeefe Series, or sign up for my blog, you can earn entry points at the Kindle Book Review Black Friday Giveaway and be entered to win one of two $400.00 Amazon shopping sprees.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway
Watch the MadMan MacKeefe or my Daughters of the Dagger book trailer video. And visit my Book Trailer page in order to watch videos from my other series, including Legacy of the Blade and Tarnished Saints.

42 thoughts on “New Release &12 Lords A Leapin’ Author Hop

  1. The music transforms me back in time and the scenery makes me desperately want to be there! I loved the Madman McKeefe trailer better because it was longer and had more details!

    • Jeanne, thanks for stopping by. And be sure to check out my other book trailer videos by clicking the tab at the top of the page. Legacy of the Blade has lots of details and is my longest book trailer. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed both trailers, but Daughters of the Dagger was fantastic!!! The music sounded like bag pipes, and I love that music, and the dresses on all the women were beautiful and bright in colors, and of course, the men were “hot”!!

    Judy Cox

    • Thanks Judy, I’m glad you liked it. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Daughters of the Dagger Prequel to get you started with the series. It’s free!

  3. I like this kind of blog hop since i am introduced to a lot of authors I have yet to read. Also, it was short and not too lengthy.

    • Joye, I like these blog hops too because I am introduced to a lot of new readers. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Jackie! Also, check out some other of my book trailer videos by clicking the book trailer tab at the top in the black bar.

  4. DAUGHTERS OF THE DAGGER is the best trailer. The Music is interesting& sets the mood. The visuals capture interest & give enough details to outline the story. Looking forward to the 12 Lords Leaping Blog Hop! Wootwoot!

  5. I personally liked Daughters of the Dagger, although all were fun to watch. Love the historical books.

  6. I like both Trailers but loved Daughters of the Dagger best. A series for my wish list, wish I could read all day everyday to catch up.

    • Thanks Ruth for stopping by and leaving a comment. I offer the Daughters of the Dagger Series in a boxed set now. (Check out the tab at top of site.) With the box set tho, you won’t get the big awesome covers from each book of the series, they are just small.

    • Thanks for stopping by. And watch for the MadMan MacKeefe Series to be in print soon, and Daughters of the Dagger is in print now!

    • Thanks Joanna. The music is by Kevin MacLeod. Be sure to get your free copy of the Daughters of the Dagger Prequel to get you started with the series.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Eva. Make sure to pick up your free copies of the Daughters of the Dagger and Legacy of the Blade Prequels.

  7. I haven’t read any of your books yet but I look forward to seeing what they are like. Love discovering new authors.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Check out my book trailer page at the top black bar on my site to see other videos from some of my other series.

    • Thanks Sue. That is one of my favorites too. And if you are on amazon prime or KU, you can now read the series for free.

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