Liznest500Welcome to my new recipe page. While writing my novels I thought to myself one day that what my characters were eating sounded pretty delicious. So, while I’m not super skilled at cooking, I do like to grill and make things that are simple. Face it, who really has the time to make food that is complex now-adays?

lizpepper2300So the idea was born that I would let my characters tell you about their dishes themselves. There are tabs for each of the recipes I have so far under the main “Recipes by Elizabeth” tab, so be sure to click them. There you will meet my characters as they tell you how to make their favorite dish. Just to give you an example, here is the link to Zeb’s Bachelor Bruschetta. zebbrush300The food is eyecatching, and so is Zeb!

My recipes are all original, and like I said – super easy. So you may have one of my characters telling you to use bottled dressing, but convenience is the whole idea here. These are recipes that can give that WOW factor, and you don’t need to be a five star chef to make them.

Watch this page as well as the individual recipe pages for new ideas, as it is an ongoing process. I will also be telling you about herbs and how to use them right from your garden this summer. And if you have a favorite food to eat, by all means email me or leave a post on this page and I will consider possibly writing it into one of my next novels.

Bon Appetit!

Elizabeth ♨