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Judas500I’d like to share with you a sneak peek at the cover of my upcoming book, Judging Judas – Book 3 of my Tarnished Saints Series.

The Taylor Twelve. Sons of a preacher but far from saints. Matter of fact, these men are nothing but trouble. Judging Judas is scheduled for release later this spring. Be sure to check out the first two books in my small town romance, Tarnished Saints Series, Doubting Thomas - Book 1, and Luring Levi - Book 2, as well.

CONTEST NEWS:  Authors in Bloom Garden Hop contest is over, and I’d like to thank everyone who entered, subscribed to my email list, liked my facebook page, and left posts. Please watch my site for more contests in the near future. Also a big thanks to Dianne Venetta for hosting the contest. Watch her page for the grand prize winner to be announced soon.

Now, I am happy to announce the winners of my personal contest chosen randomly by rafflecopter. Each winner will receive one ebook of their choice from my Elemental Series.


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Entry #136 kathy c.
Entry #105 Brandi D.
Entry #24 Joseph H.
Entry #57 Mary P.

Thanks again and I will be contacting the winners personally,

Elizabeth Rose

Author Garden Hop Giveaway

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Authors_in_Bloom-300x250From April 7-16th 80 authors are joining in a garden blog hop. The grand prize is a kindle and you need to visit each site and leave a comment with your email address in order to qualify. The links to all the sites are at the end of this post.

However, each author also has their own giveaway. To celebrate gardening and spring, I am giving away my Elemental Series featuring four powerful women who control the elements of nature.

Click on Elemental Series book trailer to watch video, or on covers to read sample chapters.

dragon300Dryad300sylph300Sheikfixed300Four lucky winners will each win one book from the series. Winners will be chosen at the close of the contest randomly via rafflecopter and their names posted on this site. You can enter by using rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 As an avid gardener, I have a great herb garden and want to share some ideas with you how to use all that mint that tends to take over. You can use the fresh leaves to brew into a tea, add them to grilled peaches (see my new recipe page) or add them to a fruit smoothie like the one I made here.

Fruit Smoothie (Handful of each) Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. 1 small banana, 1 small orange, 1 cup vanilla yogurt, a handful of ice, and several fresh mint leaves. Blend in blender til smooth. Squeeze fresh lime over the top and garnish with fresh mint leaves.  Happy gardening! Elizabeth Rose

Here are the other author sites in the garden hop.


1. Dianne Venetta ~ Cozy Mystery/Romance (US) 41. Stacey Joy Netzel
2. Rose Anderson 42. Deb Sanders
3. Alexa Grace 43. Janette Harjo
4. Katharina Gerlach, YA Fantasy author 44. Donna Marie Rogers
5. Jennifer Lowery 45. J.L. Campbell
6. Catheirne Chant (US) 46. Lorraine Paton (INTL)
7. S.D. Bancroft 47. Amy Saunders, Chick-Lit Mysteries (US)
8. J.D. Faver ~ Bad Girls Need Love Too…(Intl) 48. Jencey Gortney
9. Tara Manderino (Intl) 49. Sandra Cox
10. Judy Baker, Cowboys and Indian Romances 50. Alisia Compton
11. Sharon Kleve 51. Cate Dean
12. Sara Walter Ellwood (US) 52. Lisa Lickel
13. Anna Patterson 53. Iyana Jenna
14. Karl Fields (Intl) 54. Jesse Kimmel-Freeman (INT)
15. LENA HART 55. Sheila Seabrook
16. Janice Seagraves, author 56. Rose Cooper
17. Lakisha Spletzer 57. Halimah bint David
18. Gemma Juliana 58. Grace Peterson
19. Victoria Adams 59. Nancy Pi-Sunyer
20. Daryl Devore 60. Elena Williams
21. Jeana E. Mann, New Adult Romance 61. Scandalous Stories
22. Not Neccesarily In That Order 62. Lisa Orgler
23. Brenda Maxfield\’s Smart and Sassy Teen Reads (INT) 63. L.A. Sartor
24. Elizabeth McKenna 64. BloominThyme
25. H. A. Somerled 65. Margarita Matos (UF & Romance)
26. Susana Ellis 66. Lisa Chalmers
27. Aileen Fish 67. Diane Burton
28. Cheryl Bolen 68. Rebecca J. Clark
29. Elizabeth Rose 69. Victoria Pinder
30. L. Alison Heller 70. Zelda Benjamin
31. Eleanor Moran 71. Liz Allen (US)
32. K C Maguire 72. Stacy Juba\’s Characters at a Crossroads
33. Patricia W. Fischer 73. Jennifer Conner Romance Author
34. Mindy Hardwick, Author 74. I Am A Reader
35. Melanie Macek 75. Darcy Flynn (US)
36. Karen McCullough 76. Joanne Jaytanie
37. Michelle Abbott 77. Cassandra L Shaw
38. Mary Laudien 78. Janette Harjo
39. Aubrey Wynne 79. Louisa Mack
40. Kimberly K. Comeau 80. Tiffany Schlarman

Free Book – The Pandora Curse

pandora300From 4//6-4/10 you can pick up a copy of my Greek Myth Fantasy romance, The Pandora Curse for Free! Just click on this link: The Pandora Curse. You can also read excerpts of any of my Greek Myth Fantasy romances by clicking on the highlighted words. Or click on Greek Myth Romance book trailer to watch the video.

And remember, you can also pick up a FREE copy of my Daughters of the Dagger Prequel. Or click on Daughters of the Dagger to read excerpts from that series, and Daughters of the Dagger book trailer video as well.daggerpreqdone300


Elizabeth Rose

First Kiss Friday

 Every Friday, author Laurel O’Donnell features an author’s book with the first kiss scene. Today, my book, Ian is featured!

New post on Laurel O’Donnell – Author

First Kiss Friday – Ian – Book 3 in the Madman MacKeefe series by Elizabeth Rose

by laurel

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Elizabeth Rose, author of historical romanceIan – Book 3 in the Madman MacKeefe series.  Welcome Liz!  Here’s the first kiss between Ian MacKeefe and Kyla.


“Dinna hate me, Kyla. Ye have te understand thet nothin’ can e’er happen between us.” Ian’s words said one thing but his body was saying another. Why did he have his arm around her, pulling her closer, if he was trying to push her away?

Still, his words sounded so final and she wondered for a moment if she was just fantasizing again and there was really nothing between them after all. Mayhap her expectations were set too high and she shouldn’t get her hopes up. Not when it had to do with Ian MacKeefe. She was confused, but had to know for sure.

“Somethin’ already has happened between us,” she said, turning and looking up into his eyes. The firelight danced off his sun-kissed skin and the whole moment would have been special if only he would drop the walls between them.

“Nothin’ happened,” he said, as if he truly believed it.

“Ye kissed me, Ian MacKeefe, and if ye say ye felt nothin’ between us then I say ye are the biggest liar I’ve e’er met.”

“I didna feel anythin’.”

She blinked once, then twice, not believing he was really acting like such a dolt. She had to make him admit that he was lying. This may be the only chance she ever got.

“Prove it,” she challenged him.

“What do ye mean?”

She raised her chin and looked him straight in the eye. “Kiss me again, and if ye can honestly say thet ye feel nothin’, then I swear I’ll leave ye alone and ne’er mention it again.”

He laughed then, and the brightness of his smile as well as the deep, rich rumble in his chest vibrating against her, about drove her from her mind. Damn, why did he have to be so desirable?

He lowered his head and looked up from the corner of one hooded eye. One side of his mouth twisted wryly as he answered. “I dinna want te play games, lassie,” he said in a voice so soft it was almost a whisper.

And when he removed his arm from around her shoulders and started to move away, she decided she didn’t want to die without feeling Ian’s lips upon hers one more time. She daringly took hold of his shoulders and reached upward, pressing her lips firmly against his before he could object.

Then she pulled away quickly, her hand going to her mouth, unable to believe her own brashness, and she waited for his reaction. A sense of excitement surged through her and the exchange between them seemed to have set her mouth afire. She slowly lowered her hand and wet her lips slightly with the tip of her tongue, tasting his essence of whisky and pure, male power. Then her eyes intermingled with his, and she felt her heart hammering in her chest as she waited for what seemed an eternity for him to respond to what she’d done.

He didn’t speak at first, only studied her with his intense, smoldering eyes. She felt a delicious shudder wash through her as she recognized the way he was looking at her right now. It was the look of lust she’d seen every time he was with a woman he was about to bed. His hooded eyes drank her in, and he peered up through his long, black lashes that had no right belonging to a man. His hazelnut eyes turned soft and silky, then suddenly mixed with an intense fire that made him seem dangerous, yet too seductive for her to ever look away.

“Well? Did ye feel anythin’?” she asked softly, almost choking on her words. Her own emotions were spiraling out of control from just one kiss, but she figured he was going to lie to her again, and act like he didn’t feel the strong attraction that was obvious between them.

“I dinna ken,” he said, surprising her with his answer. He reached up and scratched at the side of his face, his hand blocking his mouth momentarily, but she didn’t miss the way his tongue darted out and flicked across his lips before he lowered his hand again. She wondered if he were tasting her essence as well. “It was too fast,” he said. “I’m used te kisses thet last a little longer.”

“So . . . should we try it again?” she asked carefully, hoping this was what he was hinting at and that she wasn’t misreading him. She found herself staring at his mouth in anticipation.

“Mayhap we should.” He reached over and lifted her chin gently and brushed his thumb along her bottom lip. She closed her eyes, feeling a tingle run through her as she eagerly waited. “But this time, we need te try it slower so we can both see if we feel anythin’,” he told her.


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Free book – Curse of the Condor

condor300Danger and passion are on the prowl in the jungles of Peru as hidden treasures are about to be discovered, as well as feelings between Jetta Fitzgerald and Conrado Nievez – two people as opposite as day and night.

Curse of the Condor is Free from 3/7-3/11.

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New Release – Ian – Book 3, MadMan MacKeefe Series

Ian300The last book in my Scottish romance MadMan MacKeefe Series, Ian – Book 3 is now available.

Please stop by my website to read an excerpt. Or buy it now by clicking the following tabs for these sites.  It is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and soon on Barnes and Noble and Apple.

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Elizabeth Rose

Cover Reveal: Ian, Book 3, MadMan MacKeefe Series

Ian500Here is a sneak peek at my new cover for Ian, Book 3, the final book in my MadMan MacKeefe Series.

Watch for the book to be released some time this week.

Elizabeth Rose

Free book – The Outlaw

outlaw300Lawton ‘Silver’ Silverton left town as an outlaw and returns as Blackhawk’s new sheriff. But Sadie Hunter isn’t happy to see her ex-lover and will do anything she can to keep him from discovering her secret in The Outlaw.

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Elizabeth Rose

Free Book – One Red Rose second chance at love! For the next five days, 2/9-2/13, you can get a FREE copy of my short story One Red Rose, just by clicking on the highlighted title.

And stop by my website to see a sneak peek of the cover of Ian – Book 3 in my MadMan MacKeefe Series, due for release Feb/March.


Elizabeth Rose

NEW book trailer video for Daughters of the Dagger

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I have finished my book trailer for my Daughters of the Dagger series and am excited to share it with you. Click the following series title to watch it.

Daughters of the Dagger 

daggerpreqdone300Also, don’t forget, the Prequel book for the series is FREE! Click the icons to pick up your copy today.


Be sure to stop by my website to see my Book Trailer Video page. Eventually, I will have one for each of my books.

The third and final book in my MadMan MacKeefe series, Ian, will be released sometime in the next few months, so please keep watch. I will post the new cover soon. And if you’ve missed the announcement about my new book, Aidan – Book 2 in the series, you can now read an excerpt on my website.

Thanks so much, Elizabeth Rose