Free short story, One Red Rose

(This book is no longer free, buy you can still buy it for only $.99)

Eva Dobbs has been separated from her husband, Cooper, but now he’s come back to town on a job and wants to stay with her. But at the same time she’s getting roses every day from a secret admirer, and she’s torn between her past and a possible future in One Red Rose.

Free now on for the next five days only, Sunday, Nov. 3rd – Thursday, Nov. 8th, so pick up a copy today by clicking the link. See the tabs at the top of my webpage to read an excerpt.

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Free book – My Christmas Soldier


PLEASE NOTICE, THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER FREE, AS THE PROMO HAS ENDED. But you can still get it for only $.99 cents by clicking the link below.

For the next five days, Sunday, Oct. 6th – Thursday, Oct. 10th,  my short story, My Christmas Soldier is free.

Lana Davis despises Christmas, until a woman in the nursing home gives her a snowglobe and tells her not to shake it unless she wants magic to happen. And when she shakes it and the nutcracker soldier inside comes to life, she sees Christmas in a whole new way.

Just click the link below, or the tab at the top of the page, to get your copy FREE $.99 today!

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Free Short Story – One Red Rose The free days for this book have ended, but you can buy it for only $.99.)My short story, One Red Rose is free today, 8/8/13 and tomorrow, 8/9/13 on amazon.

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Eva Dobbs is separated from her husband, Cooper. She keeps getting roses sent to her from a secret admirer and to make matters worse, Cooper is back in town and wants to see her.

Now, memories are brought back to life of a love they once had together at the mere sight of one red rose.

New Release – The Outlaw

outlaw300My short story, The Outlaw is now available through Amazon for only .99 cents. Please click the icon to order.

Lawton “Silver” Silverton has come back to Blackhawk – as their sheriff. Sadie Hunter can’t believe this since when Silver left three years ago he was nothing but an outlaw. Now she has secrets of her own she’s keeping from him. He’s sworn to protect her, but she’s not sure who’ll protect her from having her heart stolen once again by The Outlaw.

And watch for updates as The Sword and the Sylph should be released sometime in the next few weeks.

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