Rebellious Secrets is here with a contest to celebrate

Rebellious Secrets, Book 3 of my Secrets of the Heart Series is here! A woman who knows how to use a blade is torn between whether to use it in an attack led by an outlaw or to put it down and marry a man for an alliance. Only 99 cents for a limited time and KU reads free. Read on to find out about more deals as well as a contest.













If you’ve missed the other books in the Secrets of the Heart Series, you can pick up Highland Secrets as well as Seductive Secrets, Books 1 and 2. And now on preorder is Forgotten Secrets, the last book of the series. The forgotten cousin, Morag finally gets her own book. Preorder today for only $2.99 and it’ll be delivered to your e-reader when the book releases on Feb. 20th.













I also have the Barons of the Cinque Ports trilogy on kindle countdown from now through Dec. 4th. You can pick it up for 99 cents, and that is for the entire series. But don’t wait, because every day or two the price goes higher. This is one of my favorite series chock full of fascinating medieval history – as well as romance of course.













Recently, I received my 75 pin from Romance Writers of America, celebrating the fact I have written and published 75 books. Sometimes I think WOW, how did I do that? Thanks to all my readers for your support, because without you I couldn’t have done it. Hearing from my readers and how much my books are enjoyed is what gives me the stamina to keep going. So thanks, everyone, once again for being a part of this journey with me. (For the record, I am working on my 78th book already.


And now for a contest to help me celebrate the release of a new book as well as my accomplishment of 75 books and counting. Enter through the rafflecopter below for a chance to win an amazon gift card or one of my audiobooks of your choice. Good luck!


One last reminder before I go. Another of my new releases, Mistletoe and Chain Mail is available in paperback and ebook form and in a few weeks will be available as an audiobook as well. My narrator is from the UK and does a fantastic job. You can hear samples of my audiobooks on amazon or audible. Pick up your ebook at 99 cents for a short while yet.

Now, here is the contest I promised. – Thanks everyone!

Elizabeth Rose

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32 thoughts on “Rebellious Secrets is here with a contest to celebrate

  1. Highland Secrets (Secrets of the Heart Series Book 1) is my favorite cover look of the series…I love the colors & hairstyle of the heroine as well as the faded background showing the castle & beautiful landscape…

  2. I love The Baron’s Quest cover the best, but I really love all of them. I love historical reads. (

  3. I like the Highland Secrets cover the best. I really don’t know why. I guess it is her expression..

  4. I really love the cover for book 3! There is an innocence to the model with an air of mystery.

  5. Rebellious Secrets is my fave cover now because she looks more like she’s keeping secrets than the others.

  6. My favorite cover is Seductive Secrets–I just love the mysterious way it looks and how it draws you in. Also, the heroine looks hauntingly beautiful.

  7. I like the Highland Secrets cover best. I love the colors and the look of sad longing in the heroine’s eyes.

  8. i love the Highland Secrets the best, i love the colors, the clothes, and her long red hair

  9. Seductive Secrets is my absolute favorite cover the girl on front just has you wondering the secrets she gets and how. Her expression is timeless.

  10. They’re all gorgeous covers but I think my favourite is “Highland Secrets”….the model is so beautiful and I’m loving her hair colour and crown. The background is also stunning!

  11. I enjoyed Highland Secrets the cover & the story about your strong heroine…. Thanks, for writing all your awesome books for us to enjoy.

  12. I like Seductive Secret. The woman has this longing on her expression but she does not know what or who to expect. I do love the contrast of the red and gold.

  13. Seductive Secrets. She looks like she is seducing you into reading the book to see what she gets up to.

  14. Winter Romance at the Castle: A Medieval Romance Collection, I love the colors and festive look!

  15. Rebellious Secrets, Ioved all the characters and it had me turning the page to see how it would all work out. And I like Maira the best out of all the cousins, she seemed to be the most down to earth one.

  16. I like the cover of Highland Secrets. The girl actually reminds me of someone I know and I like the ivy and castle in the background. I also like Rebellious Secrets as well,

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