New Release – Ruthless Knight/Medieval Superstitions/Contest Winners

Today is release day for Ruthless Knight, Book 2 of my Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. Right now it is only 99 cents (KU reads free) but the price will be changing to $3.99 soon. My hero, Rook, is one of the bastard triplets of King Edward III. Rook and his brothers have vowed vengeance against the man who ordered their deaths at birth.

Back in medieval times, twins and triplets were considered a curse and not a blessing. Some thought the woman to have  laid with more than one man if she birthed more than one child at a time. Either way, twins and triplets were always considered unlucky. They were thought to have been spawned by the devil and that bad luck would come to those who had ties to twins or triplets. (I am not sure if triplets were actually seen in medieval times, but I like to be unique so you will find them in my story.)

Sometimes the first born was kept and the other twin killed. Sometimes they were all killed. And if one was left-handed, (like my hero) that was said to be devilish as well. If you read the prequel to my Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series, Destiny’s Kiss, you will find out the events that lead up to the birth of the triplets – their mother having been a twin. If you’ve missed Book 1, Restless Sea Lord, you will want to pick up a copy of that as well. The books all stand alone, but are best read in order if possible so no surprises will be ruined. Watch for Reckless Highlander – Book 3, coming this spring.








I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Valentine’s Day Hop. The winners have been contacted. Winners: Signed books: Theresa A., Judy T. $50 giftcards: Sandy S., Joyce W. $25 giftcards: Lois, Barb B. Charm Bracelet: Betty. Audiobooks: Stephanie H., Linda R., Maria, Sandra C., Christine A.

NEW CONTEST: I have two brand new audiobooks just released, The Baron’s Destiny – Book 3 of my Barons of the Cinque Ports Series & Destiny’s Kiss, the prequel to the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. On the 24th, I will choose 5 (or more) lucky winners who will receive a free audiobook. All you have to do is leave a comment on this page (click bubble with the number in it at top right of page between the word Medieval and my newsletter signup) and tell me why you like audiobooks or would like to try one for the first time. Then enter the rafflecopter when you are done so I will have your email to be able to contact you.

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Since I write multi-genres, I like to try to always have something for everyone in each post. Therefore, Paranormal lovers, thru 2/18 you can pick up Lady and the Wolf (Red Riding Hood), Book 1 of my Tangled Tales Series for FREE! There are 4 books available in my fairy tale series now, and three more coming this summer.

I also have a multi-genre boxed set called Dark Lords and Dangerous Warriors that is only a limited time offer. It offers medieval, paranormal and contemporary all in the same set that are first books of some of my series. Only 99 cents (KU reads free.) Get your copy before it disappears.

What’s on the horizon you might ask? Watch for the audiobook of Destiny’s Kiss, as well as the rest of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series by summer. I’m shooting for March/April as the release date for Reckless Highlander, Book 3, to finish off the series. I will also be part of a wonderful boxed set of new novellas with the very talented authors, Eliza Knight, Kathryn Le Veque, Madeline Martin, Laurel O’Donnell, and Catherine Kean, called Mists and Moonrise coming in June. Watch for the preorder next month! You can expect three new Tangled Tales this summer. They are the stories of Rapunzel, Cinderella and the Snow Queen. Here is a sneak peek at one of the covers of my upcoming books. Watch my Upcoming page as I update it frequently.

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  1. I’m not sure where I’m supposed to leave my comment in order to win an audiobook code. But I hope it’s here. I like audiobooks because I drive 150 miles every other weekend to my ranch in Arizona–and of course drive back a few days later. That used to seem like a long drive, but listening to audiobooks makes the time fly!

  2. I agree with Cherimadison. I don’t see the balloon at the top right of the page to click… so I’ll leave my comment here. I love audiobooks! I listen while I walk our local intercoastal waterway bridge, when I drive somewhere in light traffic, when I’m gardening, when I’m cooking… basically whenever I can’t read a book and want to!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. I love audiobooks! I have author, Cheri A. Schmidt, to thank for introducing me to them. Her book Fateful, narrated by Tristan Hunt, is the one that got me hooked. Tristan is so dedicated to his craft and such a talented narrator, that I forgot I was listening to a book being read. It seemed as if I was listening to a recording of actors on a stage during a play. Since July of 2016, I have listened to 41 books and only had 3-4 that I wasn’t pleased with the narrators. I would have listened to double or triple that amount if only I had more money and time 🙂

  4. I have been more problems with my eyesight, so I have been listening to more audio books. I started listening due to the amount of commuting time I was doing. I love the imagery I get from the spoken word.

  5. I love audiobooks … audio has allowed me to dbl or triple the amount of books I enjoy!
    and I love when narrators really bring the characters to life

  6. What a wonderful prize! It helps ease the imagination when getting into character! Good luck everyone!!!

  7. No bubble for me either. I am a newbie for audiobooks–have only listened to a couple of them. They do very well, but I am not certain if they will totally replace hard copy for me. I have committed to getting them if I have a hard time finding a book in any other mode though!

  8. I love audio books. I listen to them while I do barn chores of cleaning stalls and taking of our horses. I also work a part time job and listen on my way to and from work as well as at work when I get the opportunity. I have quite a collection started and would like to add another one of yours, since I just got the ebook . Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. I listen to audiobooks because I can sew or work hands free and I also love hearing the narrators. the other audiobooks I’ve gotten from you had wonderful narrators. the main reason I want it is because I LOVE your books!

  10. I don’t have a long ER experience but the audiobooks I have listened to I have enjoyed a lot. My favorites are Marriage and Separation Games land The Bird and The Sword.

  11. Listening to audio book is the best way for me to catch up on my reading. I especially love listening to audio book during my commute to work and when I’m traveling. I get motion sickness when I try to read in a moving vehicle.

  12. I like audio books because I can read while my hands are otherwise occupied, especially while working on the computer and doing things around the house. I also have found that the narrator can add a lot to a book, too.

  13. I look forward to the Tangled Tales series. I love retelling based on my favorite stories growing up. Picked up a free copy of Lady and the Wolf. Thanks!! 🙂

  14. I have enjoyed your other audio books very much and would like to win this one. your narrator does an excellent job bringing the characters to life. than ks

  15. I started listening to audio books last year as I was having to spend about 6 hrs. every weekend driving and nothing is more boring for me than sitting in traffic. Now I listen every time I’m in the car, while I am crafting or doing housework, and I often have books read to me from my Kindle as I drift off to sleep. I think, if the narrator is really good, it adds dimension to the story.

  16. I love audiobooks because I can listen while I am driving or washing dishes, so I can double my weekly reading!

  17. I really, really love audiobooks because I have problems holding a tablet due to carpel tunnel and diabetic neuropathy in both wrists. Tingling and cramps in fingers. I also love listening to the narrator’s interpretation of the book as they read.

  18. I enjoy audiobooks. I listen while I am doing other things – driving, walking, doing chores.

  19. I Love Audiobooks… I can get my reading fix driving, doing chores or gardening~ it’s Da Bomb Diggity!!

    Kelly Braun

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