Ian – Book 3


MadMan MacKeefe Series

Ian – Book 3  

Ian is haunted by the demons of the past in his head.

Kyla has grown up with Ian, but he only thinks of her as his best friend’s wee sister.

Can they release themselves from the past in order to have a future together?



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Excerpt of Ian, Book 3:

Kyla tried to get to her feet, but stopped when Ian’s body blocked the sun streaming in the door as he towered over her.

“Ye jest couldna mind yer own business could ye?” he spat.

“Nay, it’s no’ like thet,” she said, shaking her head. She wanted to say so much more, for starters that she was sorry, but the words just wouldn’t come. He stood above her with his hands on his hips. His chest was study and firm, and his dark, flat nipples were erect in the center, indicating to her that he was still aroused. He reached down a strong arm, and in one motion pulled her upward. From the force her body went crashing into his, and her hands went out to steady herself, landing on his chest. She gasped at the feel of his nakedness under her fingers.

She felt the hot, corded sinew beneath his skin, and she swore a muscle quivered beneath her hands. She slowly looked upward, drinking in his chiseled cheekbones and the dark stubble upon his face. His black hair was tousled and hung down nearly to his shoulders, and his eyebrows were just as dark and bushy. His eyes were the color of hazelnuts, his gaze straightforward and steady. And then she found herself staring at his mouth – his lush, lower lip, and she wondered how it would feel to be kissed by him. To be touched, or teased the way he’d been doing to Grizela.

“Mayhap since ye interrupted yet another o’ me affairs, ye’ll have te replace her now. After all, I’ll no’ be left waitin’ and wanton yet one more time becooz o’ ye, Kyla.”

“What?” she asked, not sure what he was saying. Her heart raced in anticipation. “What do ye mean by thet?”

“I mean, thet ye’ll have te do, as I feel a need fer release.”


Ian only toyed with the little chit, but he had to do something to scare her from following him around and ruining any chance he ever had of getting a proper bedding anymore. He felt frustrated and anxious, and very angry with her for the way she’d been acting lately.

There was only one thing he could think of that would send her running, and after he was through with her, she’d never bother him again. He reached out and grabbed her hand in his, and was surprised when he felt her trembling. She was a small girl, and he had no doubt if he squeezed her hand too hard he’d break a bone. Still, she was as tough as any of the laddies of the clan.

“Ye see how frustrated I am becooz o’ ye?” he asked, guiding her hand toward his groin and pressing her fingers against the plaid covering his bulge. He expected her to pull away and roll her eyes or do any one of those childish things she usually did. Or mayhap crinkle her nose in disgust and wipe off her hand and then punch him as hard as she could. But she did nothing. Instead, her eyes were fastened on his hand atop hers and he could feel the heat of her palm right through the wool to his manhood, and . . . he liked it.

He quickly pushed her hand away. He was very aroused by this and realized it must be because he still hadn’t recovered yet from fondling Grizela. He needed to get Kyla away from him already, and he could only think of one more thing to try that might work. It was the same thing he’d always done to her while she was growing up that made her so disgusted that she’d leave him alone for weeks afterwards. He’d just have to playfully kiss her on the lips. He knew how much she hated that, as she’d told him many times that she’d rather die than touch her mouth to his.

Of course he hadn’t done it in years now, but he could only hope it would still work as well as it used to.

He took her head in his hands and leaned forward and planted the biggest kiss on her lips that he’d ever given her. But she didn’t pull away in fright or disgust and dart out the door of the stable like he’d expected. Nay, she actually did something that surprised him so much that he didn’t know how to react.

When he tried to move away, she reached out and pulled his head back to her, and kissed him so passionately on the lips that he wondered for a moment if he had the wrong girl. Where the hell had she learned how to kiss like that?

Her lips were soft and sensuous. And he felt the tip of her tongue dart out briefly, and when it did, it about drove him from his mind. She smelled like wildflowers and fresh hay, and when he reached out to take her face in his hands again, he felt the softest skin he’d ever felt on a woman. And when she pressed up close to him he felt breasts under her clothes. Firm, rounded, and fully mature, right down to the little bumps darting out and touching his chest from her hardened nipples. This was something he never expected. And certainly not what he wanted to notice on his best friend’s sister when he was standing there still aroused and ready to burst.


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