Free book for the holiday, plus a contest!

I wish everyone a good Memorial Day weekend. It is very hot and muggy in the Chicagoland area. While I like hot weather, this is much too soon. Update on my granddog, Banshee, is that she is still a handful, but she is getting better each day. She has overcome her fear of going up stairs, and has found a new job patrolling the yard for birds, squirrels, and today she even saw a stray fox in the driveway! She is so cute, I just have to show you the latest photo of her. 












Since school will be out soon, I have decided to offer Teaching Philip – Book 8 of my Tarnished Saints Series for FREE from May 27 – 31. Philip Taylor is a teacher, experimenting with online dating, trying to find the perfect woman. When the new principal comes to town, he has no idea Taylor Phillips (who even has his name – but backwards) is there to take his job. Philip has a lot of quirks and is very clean. Taylor is messy. They are opposites and don’t get along. Think of this as an “Odd Couple.” Lots of laughs are in store when they find out they’ve been dating each other online and didn’t even know it.












This is also the last day, May 27th, to get Judging Judas – Book 3, for 99 cents.












I just finished a new novella that will be in the Rogues to Lovers boxed set with six other authors. These are all brand new books. The theme of the set is the Legend of the Blue Rose. When the blue rose blooms, enemies turn into lovers. It is already on preorder for only 99 cents at iTunes and Kobo. Watch for it on Barnes and Noble any day now. And it will be on preorder on amazon on June 11th. Order it now, and it will be delivered to your e-reader on Sept. 11th.












And now, for a quick contest. You can win a $10 amazon gift card or a signed copy of Restless Sea Lord by entering through the rafflecopter below. The contest closes on June 2nd, so be sure to enter right away! Be sure to watch your emails, because there will be one more free Tarnished Saint book, and another one for 99 cents coming up before Father’s Day.

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42 thoughts on “Free book for the holiday, plus a contest!

  1. How long I’m willing to wait wait for the next book? Let’s see I don’t mind waiting a while as long as it’s not a year, maybe 3 to 4 months at the most, but obviously if I could get it in a month even better.

  2. I literally will wait as long as it takes. I’ve been waiting on book 3 in an authors series for 3 years now because she is in writers hell and can’t find the words. She is an amazing talented writer and worth waiting for.

  3. I prefer to wait less than a year but I’ll wait as long as it takes for the author to put out quality work 🙂 it has to feel right to them first!

  4. I am a person that realizes things happen in everyone’s life and therefore will wait until the book is published. Whether that be as little as a month or forever.

  5. It really depends on the kind of series you’re talking about. If you’re talking about a six book series or a three book series, I’m realistically willing to wait a while. If you’re talking about a series with 10 + books, I probably wouldn’t be able to wait all that long in between each book. I’d say three months would be okay.

  6. I hate waiting even a few weeks. If it’s something I want to read, I either don’t end up reading or wait until everything is out.

  7. I really like to read a series close together if I can. Three months seems reasonable, but I sometimes wait until an entire series is out and binge-read it. Otherwise, I end up rereading the first books to remember the characters.

  8. I HATE waiting! Especially if it a book I can’t put down! Lol but I’m willing to wait a few weeks…. I guess! 😘

  9. I can wait, but I really love books best that don’t end in cliffhangers. Cliffhangers are for television series, not literature!

  10. How long? It really depends on the author and series. Most not more than a week or so. If I really enjoy the author and series, however long it takes.

  11. I will wait as long as it takes but I prefer for it to be within a few months! Love your stories as you know and will wait forever!!

  12. I dunno. It depends on how interested I am in the series. I’ve decided the next book isn’t worth it and I’ve waited for years (but had to re read the previous books when it finally came out lol)

  13. I don’t mind waiting a couple of months but any longer and I tend to forget what I’ve read before in the series! lol Isn’t it ridiculous how hot it is? I’m in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana this week and it’s been soooo hot! This Canadian girl is not used to such heat! lol Carole Burant

  14. I keep coming back til it’s done. A good story can’t be rushed. Authors have lives too. Sometimes we just have to wait patiently.

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